Welcome To Roots Cafe

Brooklyn, New York

Our Roots

With a heart for delicious coffee and beautiful relationship, we are firm believers in caffeinated conversation. We are more than potentially the best coffee in Brooklyn, we are a team of people who are ready to serve you and know you not only by your drink of choice, but by your name.

Our Coffee

We proudly feature coffee from Forty Weight Coffee Roasters, based near Ithaca, NY. Andrew Ballard and Matt Marks are two talented and skilled guys that source and roast some of the finest coffee available and deliver it to us at peak freshness. They're also stand-up dudes, committed to ethical, responsible, and transparent business practices. They source from small family farms where owners and workers benefit directly. Check out their coffee sourcing philosophy here.

Our Community and events

We are committed to showcasing local artists, musicians, and poets. Our art wall hosts a rotating roster of local visual artists, and our monthly music and poetry nights feature some of the best writers and songsters around. It is very important to us that you, the artist, is equally important in our cafe as our coffee and food. Our focus is the hearts and talents that fill this place and the decaffeinated minds we can bring back to life. 


“Perhaps the source of one’s own poetry requires steadfast grounds.”

— Daniel Rounds