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Azza - Through the Eyes of a Weaver - Art Opening

March 2nd


Meet the Artist 5-7pm

The grid has always fascinated me; be it the foundation

of a tapestry, the pieces of glass carefully placed, or my

paintings of life through a burkah. In my show

“through the eyes of a weaver”, i intend to show just how

i see the grid in its various forms.

Through my tapestries, i utilize both copper and my own

hand spun wool to create patterns, allowing the elements to

naturally flow throughout the piecs. I see my work as

nomadic, something that can be rolled up and moved with

ease, to go where it must. In its barest form, i set up the warp

and the weft, to create the grid to then form the tapestries.

The grid also exists at the beginning of the “looking through the

burkah” series. Taking a bare canvas, i first create the grid.

After doing so, with much thought and foresight, i then paint

each individual square. Most of the world does not know how

life looks through the meshed grid of a burkah, this is how

i envision it.

The meticulous nature of planning is also seen throughout

the stained glass i create. Each piece is cut, placed and

glued by hand, in order to create the mosaic. There was a

time when i couldn’t weave my tapestries. I found that the

same weaving ethic could be taken to glass.